The State of Democracy in 2020 – a report of the Coalition of “NGOs for the Citizen”

This last year presented many challenges brought by the pandemic. Our day to day life suffered changes without precedent, changes that were required in order to stop the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and protect the life and health of the citizens. Those in governing positions had to put in place restrictions that limited our fundamental rights, restrictions which most of the times gave room to abuses due to the bad implementation or bad faith of those who enforced them.

We, the Coalition of “NGOs of the Citizen”, have followed tirelessly the civic space and we signaled out the abuses that took place in 2020, abuses that were most of the times accentuated by the epidemiological context. We included in our report, “the State of Democracy in 2020”, what we considered to be worrying cases of bad governance such as: attempts to modify the legislation in the detriment of the citizens and the civic space; abuses committed by authorities be them regional, local or national; the bad management of the pandemic by the elected officials perpetuated by the lack of transparency and consultation of the civic space.

Through this Report we seek to highlight the hardships and challenges that put the Romanian democracy at test in this last year and to remind everyone that vigilance is necessary in order to protect and advance the values of European democracy ​​to which Romania aspires.

Download the Report from here

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